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February 24, 2011 By: Rich Pryor Category: Uncategorized

Just a quick note – I wanted to welcome back all the users who I was able to reconnect with after the server crash. In the past few days I’ve sent several thousand of you an apology note…you were buyers of my products but the autoresponder I had you in had crashed. I had to (manually) put the list together from my fulfillment system, and then re-import it into new autoresponders, and recreate all the messages, rehost the videos….it was a good three day project. UGH.

But it was worth it, because all you fine folks are back on the board! Here’s the latest to catch you up:

I’m working hard on Computer Secrets Unleashed 2011 (Windows 7 Edition). It is going to have at least six different modules: SelfGeek TuneUp, SelfGeek Backup, Malware911, Web Safety Guide, A Printing Module, and a Networking module…which I don’t have clever names for yet. 🙂 I think each one will be available in a “Basic” edition, which will be free, and then a “Professional” edition with lots more details and including videos. And if you get the whole collection, you’ll save a bunch of money and it will collectively be known as CSU 2011.

Give me your thoughts on that below!

Also, Computer Training Unleashed is (finally) rehosted at Amazon AWS, so it isn’t going down again!! And to celebrate, I’m going to run a special on that for those of you who don’t own it…including something I’ve never even heard of anyone doing. This is pretty crazy but…I’m going to let you share it with your friends and family! More details on that, probably tomorrow.

Anyway – Welcome back, and please post a comment below!

3 Comments to “Welcome Back!”

  1. David Brundage says:

    Hi Rich,
    Great to have you back. I think I’ve read everything you’ve published on the self geek site and it has always been very helpful. I was trying to find you a while back and it seemed that you had disappeared but it must have been while the servers were crashed. Needless to say I was very disappointed but am now elated it was just a snafu.
    I am excitedly waiting for the new release of CSU.

  2. Helo Rich!

    This is unsurpassed CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    This act of yours GOT to be blown into the WWW.

    Much Apreciated.

    Regards Warm from SriLanka.

    Success Always.


  3. Rich:
    Wanted you to know that there is a 79 year old self proclaimed geek out there that appreciates what you’ve done in your lesson series. I bought the family pack & have sent access to all of my kids (3). They also appreciate it.

    I’ve finished with lesson 3 and find (in my humble opinion) that you’ve done a great job. Although my Dell Studio XPS 7100 came equipped with a Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) I still can use what the lessons have taught me so far.

    I’m looking forward to SelGeek Manifesto 2011.

    My thanks
    Elmer Blythe


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