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Speccy is the Best System Information Tool!

February 28, 2011 By: Rich Pryor Category: Software

I just wrote a new FAQ on Speccy, a great little system information tool from Piriform. I used to like Belarc Advisor for this, but Speccy is lightweight, has a portable version for your USB key, and lets you post a “system snapshot” so someone helping you remotely is able to see you hardware configuration. Too cool!!

Best System Information Tool – Speccy

Check it out! And don’t forget about the limited time offer on Computer Training Unleashed – only $17 for the next few days!

Cheers, Rich

What are PDF files? Just in case…

February 11, 2011 By: Rich Pryor Category: Software

For some reason I’ve gotten this question several times in the past week so I broke down and wrote a FAQ on PDF files, and how to install the software to read them. So for those of you who bought the SelfGeek Manifesto and can’t figure out how to read it…check this out!