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SelfGeek Guru PreLaunch starts Monday!

May 13, 2011 By: Rich Pryor Category: Internet, Videos, Windows, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

I’m excited to annouce the first two modules of SelfGeek Guru, SelfGeek Tune-Up and SelfGeek Malware911 will be available exclusively in a PreLaunch starting on Monday!

I have worked on this for countless hours over the past four months.SelfGeek Guru has seven modules with over 500 pages, hours and hours of videos…I’ll post more on Sunday, click the video below for more!!

*Video:selfgeek guru - coming monday 5/16!

SelfGeek Guru PreLaunch Next Week!

May 06, 2011 By: Rich Pryor Category: Internet, Videos, Windows, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed the website and blog haven’t been updated much lately…I’ve been laying low for the past couple months because I’ve been hard at work on my newest product – SelfGeek Guru!

Yes…this is the Windows 7 product! (Don’t worry XP and Vista users…you’re covered in there too…) I’m almost ready to release it in prelaunch to my existing customers, so get ready next week!

Whew – I’m exhausted…this product is MUCH larger and more extensive than anything else I’ve ever written. It covers EVERYTHING I could possibly think of. I took a canopener and opened up my brain and spilled everything I knew into this one. It is going to be at least THREE times more extensive that Computer Secrets Unleashed. I haven’t added up how many hours of videosyet, but…it’s big.

I’ll have more next week…but get ready! And of course there will be some fantastic savings for all of you since we’re in prelaunch! (The price will go WAY up when I release it to the general public…)

I hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day weekend…my wife told me I’m not allowed to touch a computer until Monday again. 🙂


OpenDNS FamilyShield Protects Your Family!

February 05, 2011 By: Rich Pryor Category: Internet

I just finished an update to my article on OpenDNS entitled Surf the Internet Faster with OpenDNS and I wanted you all to know about FamilyShield, a great new offering from OpenDNS.

By using OpenDNS FamilyShield for your DNS provider, you will protect every Internet device from adult websites that are unsuitable for kids, proxy and anonymizer sites commonly used by savvy kids to bypass traditional Web filters, phishing sites that aim to trick you into handing over personal or financial information, and some virus-spreading malware websites.

Best of all – there is no software to install! You just configure your router to use OpenDNS FamilyShield, and every device in the house is protected. (Your kids’ Xbox, Wii, DS, iPad, and cell phones…etc.)

OpenDNS and OpenDNS FamilyShield are great services, and I highly recommend them to everyone.

How to Test Your Internet Speed

February 02, 2011 By: Rich Pryor Category: Internet

When you sign up for Internet service, your provider should tell you approximately what speed you are guaranteed. Sometimes it seems like websites are crawling and downloads are taking forever! Here is a great site to figure out exactly how fast your Internet connection is running –

Just go to that site and click “Begin Test”. In a few seconds you’ll see the results, like this:

In my case, I have DSL and should be getting 3000kb downstream and 768kb upstream. As of right now I’m running a little slower than that, but considering overhead, that is about right. If your speedtest is significantly less than what you are paying for, first try rebooting your DSL or Cable modem and/or router. Once the connection comes up, run another speed test and see if your results have improved. If not – call your Internet provider and get them to troubleshoot your connection.

Until next time,